Saturday, August 28, 2010

See the Light

Is it my imagination or does the light of day change with the seasons?
The leaves become darker with age and dust  and begin thier change before dropping from the trees. The air becomes cooler ever so slightly up until the chill of winter slides into place. Even the smell of the air changes as the Great Mother readies herself for a time of rest. Most of the signs are so visible it takes no real effort to think about them. Just open your eyes and they are there.
The light is a different matter, though. The daylight, even on a sunny day is still a tiny bit different when the seasons change. Sometimes it seams a little unclear, darker, sadder even depressing. I am not talking about a cloudy overcast light but a clear, blue sky kind of light that just isn't quit right..
When spring arrives the daylight is bright and clear like a light has been flipped on in a room that was dark for a long time. The new colors of nature are so vibrant and, well, new.
I have often wondered if other people can see this difference or if I am just a lunatic with a big imagination.
Oh. well, maybe i am overthing the matter.

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad that I am not the only one who notices that. But I love it. And what is strange is I never seem to notice until school starts.