Monday, December 13, 2010

What Will Come?

I know I am not alone when I wonder what will come to humankind. Will we survive a future of strife and restore our existence and our planet to a world of kindness, honesty, prosperity and morals. Or , Will we be foolish and continue on, blindly destroying our lives, our planet, our souls.
Will bombs fall and desentigrate cities and forrest or maybe in some remote cavern a secret lab will unleash a destruction upon our world that takes no prisoners and distinquishes not between race, age, wealth, religious beliefs or what have you.
I guess time will tell, destiny will always get her way, be it good or be it bad.
This I do know with all certainty, I am alive, Now! What will I do?
Well, I am going to say I love you to the ones close to my heart everytime I see them walk away from my sight.
I will be kind to children, elderly and sick or disabled. I will share my bread with the poor and my blanket with the sick and all alone.
I will say "i am sorry" to those whom I have hurt and do my best to make it right.
I will save as many abandoned and injured animals as I am able to, that thier live not be lost in vain.
I will plant as many flowers and trees as I can. I will not pollute our Great Mothers waters or strew her lovely face with trash.
I will thank the almighty for the life I have and I will care for and appreciate all the Creator has blessed humankind with. I will honor the life I was given for it was a truly unselfish gift from a generous and loving Creator.
Whatever happens to us, I know I have tried to make amends as best I can, while there is still time.
Then, I will close my eye and sleep, peacefully.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

See the Light

Is it my imagination or does the light of day change with the seasons?
The leaves become darker with age and dust  and begin thier change before dropping from the trees. The air becomes cooler ever so slightly up until the chill of winter slides into place. Even the smell of the air changes as the Great Mother readies herself for a time of rest. Most of the signs are so visible it takes no real effort to think about them. Just open your eyes and they are there.
The light is a different matter, though. The daylight, even on a sunny day is still a tiny bit different when the seasons change. Sometimes it seams a little unclear, darker, sadder even depressing. I am not talking about a cloudy overcast light but a clear, blue sky kind of light that just isn't quit right..
When spring arrives the daylight is bright and clear like a light has been flipped on in a room that was dark for a long time. The new colors of nature are so vibrant and, well, new.
I have often wondered if other people can see this difference or if I am just a lunatic with a big imagination.
Oh. well, maybe i am overthing the matter.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I stare into the black, black velvet and let the darkness penetrate my mind. I see the sparkle of diamonds scattered randomly across the blackness. I feel the beauty as if it had breath. I let go of anxiety, fear, sadness and I stare into the space, into the black. I see pearls of many shades of color. Some with soft bands of circle around pale pink or blue spheres. I pass them by and I realize they are gigantic. I am weighless and float into the abbyss.
What is this? This sparkles like jewels around a queens neck but far more precious.
Then as I slowly come back to myself I feel the breeze  across my face, the grass beneath my feet and I realize I have been deep in thought. Spiritually transcending far above the boundaries of earth. This is the night, the heavens and stars. This is my imagination in awe.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

That Awkward Feeling

I know that learning something new can sometimes become overwhelming and there are times that you are just not sure if you are doing it right. Been There, Done That!
I was raised around the craft all my life but never taught much about it. I was taught the farming herbal wildcrafting thing but I have to admit I did not pay much attention so what I retained was mediocre at best. My family on my mother and fathers side was pagan/christian, I know, you can't be both but YOU CAN! The way you believe is all in the raising and choosing. They did not force me to be one or the other because thier belief was that the choice should be an individual one once you are grown or old enough to decide, which ever came first.
I went through the whole religious/withcraft is evil conflict. I became extremely superstitous and I did the unthinkable for years. I made religious fanatic. I made choices for my kids which is not entirely wrong. Giving your kids a good healthy dose of the family practices whatever it may be (as long as it is sane and legal)does help them decide when they are mature. I wish I had been taught more.I went overboard and became a religious fanatic for eleven years of my life. This came about after my aging grandmother sold the farm where I lived for several years. I believe if I could have raised my kids on the farm I would have evolved to the Path sooner. The money went to pay offf huge debts and we became poorer (not that we were not poor to begin with) really fast and I became dillusional and decided the wrong choice of beliefs led to our present demise, so I became a Christian Religious Holy Roller in the worst way.
Now, I still practiced the homemade herbal medication thing but mostly because of being to poor for medical insurance.
See, the thing about growing up Pagan, especially when your family history of five hundred years clearly shows that witchcraft is in your family to stay. You don't realize that, maybe, it is in your inherent makup. You are a Hereditary Witch, and Yes, I believe in that and this is why.
All the years I tried to instill Chritian beliefs in my children my pagan past would just pop up in my face. When I would stop to check out a trash pile or clean out a student dorm, I would come across literature on Wicca or some other Earth Based Religion so I would immediately give it away. You noticed I said give it away because I don't believe in wasting. I am an avid recycler of junk. I would have a disagreement with someone over something I was very passionate about and bad luck would cometo the other person. I would pray for justice and it would happen. People that made fun of us would become the brunt of other peoples scorn. They would suffer the same indignity as was forced upon us. I would pray for rain standing in my yard on a hot night only to wake to a downpour with tornado warnings. I also had dreams pretty much of my life that had ways of comeing true (in my early and religious years I thought I was cursed).
Then one day in 1980 I stopped to pick up some stuff out of the trash and there was a copy of the Modern Witches Spellbook by Dorothy Morrison. Being the saver (not Hoader) I am, I carried it home in a box of dishes.
A Note, We had nothing when I divorced so the junk was very badly needed, my kids literally played with dirt for lack of toys. most of my furniture came from discards and I had a pretty nice house.
I put the book on a shelf in my bedroom closet and forgot about it. Occasionally, I would pull something from the shelf and the book would fall on my head and I would stick it back upon the shelf.
This was a time when my religious fanatism was slowly dissipating thanks to a rough marriage and the lack of support from my fellow church members at that time of a family disaster. I had started to rethink my beliefs.
Just the same after about the four time of getting hit by this book I decided this was a sign and commenced to reading the book. Dorothy, you are a saint! This book was me, this was what I had always been and just did not give myself a chance to know it. This was what I should have had in my life, not casting away the chritian church but sharing, the way my ancestors did. They really had it going on and dumb me did not realize it.
Years of working three jobs, going to school and raising three kids did not leave me much time to study the path as I shoud have but I continued to collect book on witchcraft and wicca. The lack of training in the Craft of the Wise when I was growing up left me ignorant of the ways of the craft so I started from scratch.
When I finally had time in my life in the late 90s to really start studying I was often left with the feeling of doubt in the way I was carrying out the spell or other applications. I learned that witchcraft is a learn your own way in your own time kind of thing. When you feel good about the way it is done, then it is done.
However, some application should be carried out according to traditional methods to be completely effective so be sure to learn all you can. Also study other religious belief systems both Chritian and Pagan because in the end there is no place in life for criticism of other ways of belief. Life is what we make it, Religion is what we make it, use it all for the benefit of good and good will be your reward.