Tables of Correspondences for use in Magickal Workings and
Magickal Correspondence:

Our Familiars:

Magickal Correspondence

Black Banishing, endings, grounding, meditation, protection
Blue Friendship, harmony, inspiration, sincerity, spirituality, understanding, wisdom
Brown Animals, earth energy, grounding
Green Abundance, employment, financial matters, money, prosperity, success
Orange Encouragement, justice, legal matters, luck, prosperity
Pink Affection, friendship, happiness, relaxation
Purple Meditation, mental healing, personal growth, psychic abilities, spirituality, tranquility
Red Courage, love, passion, sexuality, strength, vitality
White Any magick, lunar energy, peace, purity, spirituality
Yellow Communication, concentration, confidence, happiness, learning, mental abilities
Here is a More defined color chart:
Black – returning to sender; divination; negative work; protection
Blue-Black – for wounded pride; broken bones; angelic protection
Dark Purple – used for calling up the power of the ancient ones; sigils/runes; government
Lavender – to invoke righteous spirit within yourself; favors for people
Dark Green – invoking the goddess of regeneration; agriculture; financial
Mint Green – financial gains (used with gold and/or silver)
Green – healing or health; North Cardinal Point
Avocado Green – beginnings
Light Green – improve the weather
Indigo Blue – to reveal deep secrets; protection on the astral levels; defenses
Dark Blue – confusion (to create – must be used with white or you will confuse yourself)
Blue – protection
Royal Blue – power and protection
Pale/Light Blue – protection of home; buildings; young, et cetera (i.e., young males)
Ruby Red – love or anger of a passionate nature
Red – love; romantic atmosphere; energy; South Cardinal Point
Light Red – deep affection of a non-sexual nature
Deep Pink – harmony and friendship in the home
Pink – harmony and friendship with people; binding magick
Pale Pink – friendship; young females
Yellow – healing; East Cardinal Point
Deep Gold – prosperity; sun magick
Gold – attraction
Pale Gold – prosperity in health
Burnt Orange – opportunity
Orange – material gain; to seal a spell; attraction
Dark Brown – invoking Earth for benefits
Brown – peace in the home; herb magick; friendship
Pale Brown – material benefits in the home
Silver – quick money; gambling; Invocation of the Moon; moon magick
Off-White – peace of mind
Lily White – Mother candle (burned for thirty minutes at each moon phase)
White – righteousness; purity; East Cardinal Point; devotional magick
Gray – glamories
Use White to substitute for any color

Colors for Days of the Week
Monday – White
Tuesday – Red
Wednesday – Purple
Thursday – Green
Friday – Blue
Saturday – Black
Sunday - Yellow

Day of Week
Magickal Correspondence

Monday -Astral work, dreams, family, intuition, lunar energy, Moon,psychic abilities, spirituality
Tuesday -Action, anger, courage, energy, independence, Mars, strength
Wednesday- Addiction, communication, creativity, divination, Mercury, travel, wisdom
Thursday -Generosity, growth, Jupiter, legal matters, prosperity, wealth
Friday- Beauty, love, marriage, music, passion, peace, pleasure, Venus
Saturday -Banishing, elderly, freedom, lost items, obstacles, protection, Saturn
Sunday -Healing, health, hope, individuality, joy, leadership, power, prosperity, Sun
Magickal Correspondences

Agrimony Air -- banish negativity, protection, sleep
Allspice Fire -- courage, energy, prosperity, strength
Almond Air -- money, wisdom
Angelica Fire -- divination, exorcism, health, meditation, protection
Anise Air -- protection, psychic awareness, repel evil spirits
Basil Fire -- happiness, med quarrels, sympathy
Benzoin Air -- astral projection, prosperity, purification
Betony Fire -- protection against nightmares
Broom Air -- used to bless weddings
Carnation Water -- faminine energy, healing, strength
Cedar Fire -- good fortune, home purification, luck
Chamomile Water -- love, meditation, peace
Cinnamon Fire -- creativity, energy, financial matters
Clove Fire -- banishing, love
Copal Fire -- cleansing, purification
Damiana Fire -- love, lust
Dill Fire -- luck, money, protection
Fennel Fire -- healing, protection
Frankincense Fire -- exorcism, purification, spirituality
Galangal Fire -- luck, money, psychic abilities
Gardenia Water -- healing, love, peace
Ginger Fire -- courage, strength, success
Hazel Air -- divination, dreams, psychic abilities
Holly Fire -- luck, protection
Honeysuckle Earth -- creativity, healing, love
Horehound Air -- exorcism, mental clarity, protection
Hyssop Fire -- purification, repel negativity
Jasmine Water -- dreams, sexuality
Lavender Air -- dreams, love, meditation, protection, sleep
Lemongrass Air -- psychic abilities
Lilac Water -- divination, protection
Marigold Fire -- divination, dreams, legal matters
Meadowsweet Air -- love, peace
Mint Air -- creativity, healing, prosperity
Mistletoe Fire -- exorcism, fertility, protection
Mugwort Earth -- divination, protection, psychic abilities
Myrhh Water -- healing, purification, spirituality
Parchouli Earth -- fertility, lust, money
Pine Air -- fertility, healing, prosperity
Rose Water -- friendship, healing, love
Rosemary Fire -- cleansing, exorcism, purification
Rue Fire -- banishing, protection
Sage Air -- purification, repel negativity, wisdom
Sandalwood Water -- exorcism, healing, spirituality
Thyme Water -- courage, protection, sleep
Valerian Water -- love, protection, sleep
Vanilla Water -- courage, love, lust
Vervain Earth -- creativity, healing, love, prosperity, sleep
Wormwood Fire -- divination, exorcism, scrying
Yarrow Water -- banishing, love, psychic abilities

Magickal Correpondences

Amber Fire -- magickal workings, protection, solar energy
Amethyst Air -- astral work, dreams, imagination, meditation, relieves stress
Aquamarine Water -- creativity, divination, imagination, relaxation, removes blocked energy
Aventurine Earth -- abundance, fertility, healing old emotions, optimism, prosperity
Beryl Air -- crystal gazing, intellect, scrying
Bloodstone Fire -- confidence, control over your life, luck, strength
Blue Lace Agate Water -- feminine energy, peace, relaxation, soothes headaches
Carnelian Fire -- astral travel, intuitive talents, prevent miscarriage, sexual energy
Chrysocolla Water -- emotional balance and healing, relieves depression
Citrine Fire -- new beginnings, healing, hope, increased physical energy
Emerald Earth -- communication, love, protects against violence
Fluorite Air -- astral travel, confidence, creativity, inspiration, meditation, mental abilities
Garnet Fire -- courage, fertility, passion, prosperity
Hematite Earth -- absorbing and grounding, balance energy flow, healing
Jade Water -- dragons, good fortune, health, long life, prosperity
Jet Earth -- divination, Goddess energy, protection
Labradorite Air -- spirit communication, imagination, releasing inhibitions, self-confidence
Lapis Lazuli Water -- love, peace of mind, psychic protection
Malachite Water -- business success, good fortune, accident protection
Moonstone Water -- clarity of thought, lunar energy, psychic matters
Moss Agate Earth -- new friends, plant magick, reveal deceit
Obsidian Earth -- inner strength, protection
Onyx Earth -- acquiring knowledge, endurance, hope, protection
Peridot Earth -- astral work, emotional healing, inspiration, protection from nightmares
Quartz Air -- focusing energy for any purpose
Red Jasper Fire -- blood magick, passion, protection from nightmares
Rose Quartz Water -- friendship, joy, love, self-healing
Sodalite Water -- courage, creativity, intellect, protection on journeys
Tiger Eye Earth -- balance, mediation, protection, starting new business
Turquoise Water -- divination, protection from psychic attacks, reconciliation

Magickal Oils
Many occult shops have extensive selections of magickal oils. Oils can be used to anoint candles before performing spells, added to the ritual bath, dabbed on your body or added to a pot of water and simmered on the stove to diffuse their power throughout your home.
Allspice: Strength and willpower
Amber: Attracts love, understanding, beauty, happiness
Anise: Aids in clairvoyance, brings good luck and protection
Aphrodisia: Attracts love and great passion
Apple Blossom: General happiness, peace of mind, attracting love
Apricot: To increase sensuality
Arabian Nights: Attracts new friends and lovers
Attraction: Attracts lovers, brings general good luck. Sprinkle a few drops on the soles of your shoes and you will carry its power wherever you go
Balsam: Strength and courage, dispelling negativity
Basil: Love, wealth, harmony
Bayberry: Protection, mastery over a situation
Benzoin: For purification, for health and beauty spells
Better Business: Attracts customers with money to spend to your business
Blessing: Spiritual purification, for healing spells, for blessing the magick circle
Banishing: For aid in driving away negative forces
Black Opium: Opens the door to unseen worlds
Bergamot: For happiness and good spirits. Also attracts money
Camphor: For physical and mental strength
Cast Off Evil: For anointing altars and/or temples before rituals to cast out negative forces
Carnation: Healing spells, general blessing
Cassia: To enhance psychic power
Cedar: For purification, especially before rituals. Promotes health.
Cherry Blossom: For magnetism and charisma, brings confidence, helps overcome low self-worth
Conjure: For use in candle magick, it attracts the spirits who will help you accomplish your goal
Chypre: For general financial gain
Cinnamon: To spice up your sex and social life, to bring good luck
Citronella: Cleansing, to attract money and general good fortune
Cleopatra: To attract passionate love into your life, to make yourself enticing and fascinating
Clove: To help relieve pain, to stimulate mental activity
Cumin Seed: Brings peace and harmony, especially in regard to domestic life
Cypress: For healing, protection, financial gain and good luck
Damiana: To encourage sexual attraction
Divination: To anoint tools before divination
Dixie Love Perfume: Attracts love and romance
Dove's Blood: Helps bring peace and tranquillity. Calms your nerves.
Dragon's Blood: For protection, courage and strength.
Elm: General good luck. Attracts the blessings of the Goddess because elm is particularly associated with her.
Eye: A powerful love charm oil. You can use it when creating a love talisman.
Fantasy: Helps your dreams become a reality
Fast Luck: Attracts friends and fortune. Mix it with water and wash your home or business with it for extra luck.
Frankincense: Excellent all-purpose anointing oil, aids clairvoyance and astral strength
Gardenia: Peace, love, health
Ginger: Brings power in rituals, attracts money
Glow of Attraction: Draws others to you. Attracts financial gain
Goddess: For women to enhance their beauty and bring admiration and adoration
Good Luck Mystic: Aids psychism
Helping Hand: Soothes the mind. Brings peace to stormy domestic situations. Anoint a candle with it and burn it before going to bed.
Hermes: Develops artistic creativity and communication skills. A good oil for meditating.
High John the Conqueror: Brings great good luck and increases self-confidence. Can help if you are in a difficult situation
Holy: Protection, brings healing
Honeysuckle: Money, increases psychic power
House Blessing: Brings good spirits to your home, brings protection and great blessing to the home in which it is burned
Jasmine: Attracts love, brings good luck. Dab it behind your left ear before you go to bed and it will help you remember what you are told in your dreams
Jinx (Green): General success, monetary gain
Jinx (Red): Encourages attraction. Very powerful.
Juniper: To calm nerves, for protection
Jyoti: For financial gain and overcoming bad energy sent to you, wittingly or unwittingly, by others
Kyphi: Attracts love, good fortune, luck
Lady Luck: Use when playing the lottery
Lasta Manoshkar: Attracts love and a good marriage
Lavender: Love, healing, cleansing
Laxmi Dhoop: Attracts material gain
Lemon: Brings energy to your spell, attracts spirits, brings health and long life
Lilac: Attracts good spirits, wards off negative forces and soothes a troubled mind
Love-Drawing: Highly magnetic, attracts love
Magnet: Brings general good fortune, especially good for business
Meditation: Creates vibrations favourable for meditation, aids in psychism.
Money-Drawing: Powerfully attracts money and business. Can be added to your scrub water when you are cleaning either your home or office.
Musk: Encourages sexual attraction and love, increases confidence
Mystic Veil: Encourages visions, speeds healing, aids in changing physical appearance for the better
Myrrh: Good meditation oil. Burn in a lamp ring before going to bed to bring prophetic dreams.
Myrtlewood: Enhances sexual attractiveness
New Mown Hay: To bless new beginnings and ventures
Night Queen: Brings passion and romantic enchantment into your life
Nirvana: Heightens psychism and helps you communicate with spirits
Olibanum: For protection against bad energy
Orange: Attracts good fortune, happiness and harmony. Also attracts men.
Patchouli: For love, fidelity in a mate, brings mastery over a situation, peace of mind, self-confidence
Peaceful: Settles nerves and brings domestic harmony
Pennyroyal: For purification and healing
Power: Attracts friends and lovers, dispels negative forces and hatred, brings money and general good fortune
Prosperity: Powerfully attracts material gain
Psychic: Dab on your third eye (the area between and very slightly above your eyebrows to increase your psychic powers)
Quabal: Develops psychic power and aids in communicating with spirits.
Rose: Enhances passion, can also be used for house blessing and to increase fertility. Burn in a lamp ring before going to bed to dream of a future lover.
Rosemary: Brings good luck, energy, aids in remembrance
Sage: For purification, especially before rituals. Promotes health.
Sandalwood: Good for all spells and rituals as it attracts spirits and increases magickal power
Seven Africans: A very powerful oil that brings help in matters of the heart, makes your sex life better, increases personal power and attracts good luck forces
Shi-Shi: Brings financial gain, especially to those experiencing really hard times
Spirit: Aids in communication with spirits. Enhances psychic power
Spring Mint Perfume: Sprinkle it around your place of business. It will bring new customers.
Success: Overcomes any roadblocks on your way to success. Gives you an edge over the competition
Stay at Home: To encourage fidelity in a mate, to bring peace and harmony to your home
Sweet Pea Perfume: Brings new friendships and love prospects
Three Kings: Brings good luck to all areas of your life. Very powerful.
Uncrossing: A powerfully protective oil, it removes without fail any bad energy that has been sent your way
Van-Van: For purification, particularly before rituals, uncrossing
Wisteria: Brings good luck especially when used at midnight
Wolf's Heart: Brings great courage, said to overcome fear of death

To make your spells more potent, incorporate the herb and/or colour associated with the day on which the spell is performed. Each day is also associated with one or two signs of the Zodiac; it that's your sign, that day is your lucky day.
Day Color Herb Sign(s)

Each day of the week is also ruled by a planet and each planet has certain qualities associated with it. There are also special planetary amulets, designed to attract the influence of that planet. (These are from Le Petit Albert, an old French book of magick.)

Amulet Obverse
Day Ruled by Qualities

Day         Color              Herb                 Sign

Sunday            Orange    Marjoram, Catnip     Leo
 Monday           White      Lavender                 Cancer
 Tuesday           Red         Nutmeg, Rue           Scorpio, Aries
 Wednesday     Yellow     Sage, Ginger            Gemini, Virgo
 Thursday         Purple      Bay Leaf                  Pisces, Sagittarius
  Friday             Blue         Cloves                     Taurus, Libra
  Saturday         Green       Parsley, Thyme        Capricorn, Aquarius

The Sun Cast spells having to do with attracting notice, professional success and advancement, the masculine
The Moon Increasing your magick powers, psychism, past lives, divination, the feminine
Mars Beginnings, courage, lawsuits, disputes, physical strength
Mercury All forms of written and spoken communication, knowledge, relating to others, mental ability and quickness, healing
Jupiter Expansion, lotteries, animals, good fortune, travel
Venus Love, beauty, glamour, attraction, shopping, social activities
Saturn Containment, protection, money, business
Incorporate the gem associated with the month in which you are casting to lend potency to your spell. You can also make your own personal talisman by buying (or having a magick shop or jeweler make you) a piece of jewelry containing the gem associated with your birth month. Even better is to make it yourself, if you are gifted that way, but God knows, that's beyond my feeble abilities!

January: Emerald
February: Bloodstone
March: Jade
April: Opal
May: Sapphire
June: Moonstone
July: Ruby
August: Diamond
September: Agate
October: Jasper
November: Pearl
December: Onyx