I have always thought altars were a beautiful thing, even before I surrendered to my pagan calling. I am a non-denominational believer. I believe that all creatures have a right to believe in their own way or faith. I believe that most societies know or believe that the one common denominator in faith is that there is a Great Creator, Above all else and by whatever name we choose to call upon him/her/it. It is believed that many deities are a version of the Great One or may be one of the Great Ones angel, assistence, etc.All that lives and breaths just didn't come into play on its on. To get back to my original subject, Altars.

Displaying faith and beliefs upon an altar is a wonderful way to show your love for the devine of any faith. Sacred place is or should be a sanctuary to relax, meditate and connect with the deity of your choice. I love my altar and hope to show pictures of it soon.

My Altars
Blue Moon/New Years 2009