Sunday, April 4, 2010


I stare into the black, black velvet and let the darkness penetrate my mind. I see the sparkle of diamonds scattered randomly across the blackness. I feel the beauty as if it had breath. I let go of anxiety, fear, sadness and I stare into the space, into the black. I see pearls of many shades of color. Some with soft bands of circle around pale pink or blue spheres. I pass them by and I realize they are gigantic. I am weighless and float into the abbyss.
What is this? This sparkles like jewels around a queens neck but far more precious.
Then as I slowly come back to myself I feel the breeze  across my face, the grass beneath my feet and I realize I have been deep in thought. Spiritually transcending far above the boundaries of earth. This is the night, the heavens and stars. This is my imagination in awe.