Saturday, August 22, 2009

Learning to be a Witch

I know how hard it can be when you first start out on a chosen path, any path. It is a little intimidating, so you read and search the web and read some more. Well as wonderful as books are sometimes they can be down right confusing and can leave folks a little disheartened. Some paths seem quit overwhelming, such as the Pagan Path. Many look for pictures or videos to help understand a certain application associated with The Craft. It is not a good feeling to try a spellcasting from a description in a book only to finish feeling as though you made a booboo. It is really hard to muster up the spirit and the power when in doubt. Well, I hope I can help. Now, I am not telling you to throw away your books, Heaven and Earth NO! Especially if you are using a book written by the greatest witch alive, Dorothy Morrison. In the days when I started my journey a book was all we had, but Dorothy made that journey simpler than many books I tried. She is a Goddess! The computer age made it possible to research and that was an amazing thing, but there was still all the animosity and harrassment Pagan folks had to deal with, even on the net. Unfortuneately, many web sites did not last long. Thank Goodness, those days are over. There is an abundance of info on the web today, and videos galore. Learn from these videos and add your own ideas and such to create your own unique style, what suits your needs. REMEMBER! Never use any belief system to harm any living creature. The use of animals for food is understandable but to kill for sport or pleasure is an abomination and a sin in the eyes of the Creator Most High. I intend to create a web site where newcomers can see photos, videos and much more. This will of course take time, so I quess I better stop yammering and get to work. The Witch is In the House!